Business leader, speaker and Big Change Coach, Tracy Oswald helps leaders & entrepreneurs show up to their lives and work in a powerful way so they can grow their business, and make more of impact in the world.

Creator of The 12 Houses of Leadership, a leadership development strategy, she helps executives & entrepreneurs achieve things they never thought possible.

Tracy has held various leadership roles in the corporate world for the last 20 years and has been studying what makes leaders successful and the things that hold them back, for most of her working life.  The common thread she’s found throughout it all is that many leaders & business owners don’t believe they have the right, ability or courage to step into their lives and work in a BIG way. They play small, try to fit in, and stay in their loop.

This is where Tracy plays – she helps her clients understand what they truly want and step into their lives in a very big way. (Her coaching style is not for the faint of heart. You will be in action from day 1!)

Tracy’s passions include immersive theatre, hot yoga and studying Shakespeare – specifically how he enabled female characters to have a voice and point of view during a time in history when it was neither accepted nor safe for them to do so.

Tracy lives in Dallas, Texas and is currently working on a project about “Villains & Villainesses” – how we identify with them and what that can tell us about our potential for personal growth and leadership savvy.

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